A Compassionate Relocation Service for Seniors


We engaged Carmel and the ready Steady Relax team to help clear out our Aunt and Uncle's home. As they had lived here for over 60 years and were avid collectors there was a lot to go through, which made the process very overwhelming on a personal level.

From the first call Carmel was professional and friendly and outlined the process. She and the team were courteous and considerate, nothing was too much for them and in 5 days the place was cleared.

Carmel's contacts in antique auctioning, charity and rubbish removals made things very streamlined and we were informed of progress and allowed to participate in the process as much as we wanted to.

What was achieved in 5 days would have taken many, many months to do on our own.

We cannot recommend Ready Steady Relax highly enough.

Jannine , Collaroy 2021


Engaging Ready Steady Relax greatly helped me cope with the complexities of emptying a unit on behalf of a family friend whose ill health limited their involvement in the decision making.

I found that throughout the process, Carmel  offered both the efficiency and experience needed to move out all manner of household items, as well as the right balance of personal support to myself.

Carmel used the most useful agencies or outlets ensuring that everything could be either recycled, sold, disposed of, or relocated.

Contact persons for all related business used in this exercise,  also proved to be efficient, courteous and cost effective. 

I would unreservedly say that Ready Steady Relax lived up to its name and promise. It delivered for me and my friend, a professional and personalised service at a critical time. 

Christine, North Sydney  2021  


I recently had to arrange to sell my mother’s home to fund her care in a nursing home.  When it came time to ready the home for settlement, I was faced with the daunting task of arranging the sale of furniture and ornaments as well as dealing with donating clothes to charity and dealing with the more mundane things like kitchen utensils.  I was very fortunate to be pointed to Carmel from Ready, Steady, Relax.  Like many others I was immediately put at ease from my first meeting with Carmel.  What impressed me most was the care and thought that has gone into Carmel’s approach.  Many items have gone to a women’s refuge charity; others to auction.  Very little ended up as rubbish.  Carmel and her team did everything promised in an amazingly short time and left the home ready for vacant possession at settlement.  I can unreservedly recommend Carmel and Ready, Steady, Relax.

Peter, Dural 2020


Dear Carmel,

Hoping this finds you well, safe and cosy.I apologise for the delay in catching up.

Your services in assisting me to relocate to Roseville, are greatly appreciated. I find Roseville is a beautiful area and I love the Federation houses, hearty laughter of the kookaburras, and the tranquillity. One resident here has an adorable dog called Charlie!

Once again, your services are much appreciated.

Warm regards Carmel.

Helen, Roseville 2020


We were put on to Carmel to help us sort out our parents' apartment in Gosford. I live in Portugal and have been completely reliant on  Carmel to facilitate (read: make it happen) the transfer of furniture and to organise everything involved in moving belongings to Brisbane as well as Portugal. Everything went smoothly and successfully, just like you want it to. I could not recommend her highly enough! 

Lars, Portugal 2020

Many thanks for doing such a brilliant job and making this such an easy project under difficult circumstances.

Maria, Brisbane 2020


Moving - the very thought of wondering where and how to start was a panic. I was advised to contact Carmel Bradstreet who has a decluttering and relocation business. That was the greatest piece of advice and, Carmel was the voice of reason and calm.

Carmel was there with her staff before the move and spent hours before, during and after finally when I was at the new location. Carmel was the calm I needed and she anticipated my every query. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Phyllis, Mosman 2020


 We recently engaged Carmel at Ready Steady Relax to sort out our elderly father's house and make ready for selling as soon as possible.

This was undertaken by Carmel in a of 4 days, rather pressured.

After 4 days the house was returned to us sorted, cleaned and immaculate with selected furniture in place ready for open house viewings. Carmel and her supporting staff worked diligently, hard, carefully respecting the huge assortment of goods collected over a lifetime.

She sent goods in different directions including antique sellers, charities and to dealers of all kinds.

Over the time I felt I got to know Carmel I enjoyed my time with her, would trust her in every way and recommend her without hesitation to the most particular prospective people requiring such services. She works calmly under pressure.

A rare precious find in difficult circumstances.

I highly recommend Carmel and her company.

Mary, Wahroonga 2020


I had the overwhelming task of preparing a family property for sale on Sydney. The difficulty was that I lived interstate, had no local knowledge of contacts and was on a strictly limited time frame. With this in mind there was only so much that I could do towards the decluttering of the family possessions and the overall preparations.

From a recommendation I contacted Carmel. At our very first meeting my fears of this overwhelming task were immediately reduced. Carmel appeared with an infectious smile and a great sense of humour which instilled a confidence that no task was too big.

Thanks to Carmel's personality and communication style she has a fantastic array of contractors as well as an antique dealer and charities to assist with sorting out the family heirlooms.Her trade contractors were very accommodating and provided exceptional workmanship at very reasonable fees.

Within my time lines I was able to return home to my the knowledge and absolute confidence in Carmel to manage the final preparations. Carmel worked with the selling agent in order to have the property ready for sale. Carmel continued to keep me updated as to how the trades where progressing and sent regular photos of their work.

For me, what started out as a daunting and overwhelming task....I could not have envisaged how the transition could possibly go so smoothly. This was only due to Carmel's style/expertise and the bond she has with all her contacts. Words cannot express my gratitude and thanks to Carmel. I highly recommend her company, Ready Steady Relax, to anyone requiring this type of service.

 Ruth, Brisbane 2019


Carmel rode in like a knight in shining armour to sort out what was left of 70 years of living in the one house. There was much to be cleared and to be sold and Carmel simply rolled up her sleeves and got it all done.

The whole process took about a week. The clear-out of this old home was a task we were struggling with. It was a great relief to see a professional get to work and sort it all. 

Thank you so much Carmel. I would recommend you to anyone facing this task.

Ginny, Wahroonga 2019


 Ready Steady Relax completely takes the stress of moving, away. I have worked with Carmel for years and she is a beautiful person - trustworthy, calm and friendly. I know what a wonderful service this was for my clients and lately I was able to experience it myself.

With busy schedules and precious weekend time it was such a relief to not have to spend days packing! She came in, packed and labelled everything quickly and organised fantastic removalists.

We didn't have to lift a finger! I  highly recommend her service.You will save time and end up enjoying the move much more.

Shabina, Cremorne 2019


 My family has twice called on Carmel and her team to step in and assist us at difficult times. Both times it has been such a relief to leave the work of clearing out the unwanted (to us) items in a family member's home to Ready Steady Relax, thereby allowing us to concentrate on more personal and sensitive matters.

There are not many times in life when such a simple , straightforward and stressless process overcomes an unwelcomed and trying situation.

I cannot recommend Carmel's services more highly.

Graeme, Lilyfield 2019


Thank you Carmel for all your help and support during this stressful time in our lives with our parents very sudden move to a nursing home. There was absolutely no way we, especially me working full time, and my sister with a 1 year old, could have coped without your guidance and help - it really was invaluable and took an enormous load off our shoulders. The house is on the market now and looks amazing. Again, thank you!

Sarah, Artarmon 2019


Dear Carmel,

I just wanted to thank you for all your care, energy and commitment to your work with our family on clearing our apartment. I appreciate what a mammoth task it was and also the compassion and sensitivity you gave all of us in doing what you do.

My sincere thanks and best wishes.

David, Bondi Junction 2019


We would like to say thank you so much to you and your amazing team for your help with our parent's move. It was wonderful to work with such a professional, organised and hard working team, and the fact that you are all so friendly and compassionate, with a cheeky sense of humour, made the transition so much easier for us all.

Thanks again Carmel, and please pass on our thanks to your team. We really appreciate what you have all done to help mum had dad move into the next phase of their lives.

Ali and Matt, Exmouth 2019


Hi  Carmel. Thank you so much for your help! You have been a wonder and everything went very smoothly. It was comforting that you could also be there for mum the weeks before the move to guide her through it.  It  really made  a difference.

Natalie, Rozelle 2019


Ready Steady Relax- and we did!

Being older seniors we realised we had to downsize our house and it had to be in 2018 or we knew it wouldn't happen.

We started packing for the Big Move a year before placing our house on the market or buying another smaller house. We knew that, with the best will in the world, we hadn't done enough and what we packed was still cluttering up the house. The garage was full and the car was living outside!

We rang our local agent in a panic, asking if they had the name of someone who was honest,reliable and who would be careful with our goods.There was only one recommendation; "ring Carmel Bradstreet. She is a lovely woman who is understanding and a great organiser."

Panic subsided. Carmel and her team of young women under her direction, arrived and worked very hard at disappearing our huge amount of "stuff" into boxes.When living in a large house it is easy to spread out and fill the entire space! Apart from ordinary household goods we had at least 3000 books and so many different interests and hobbies with the attendant tools and glues,inks, wool, fabrics, threads, special papers, paints of all sorts, weaving frames, canvasses, easels and ...the rest.

It didn't faze Carmel in the least! Carmel was interested and cheerful, everywhere at once, getting her team organised, and then we did begin to relax!

It didn't end there. When we needed help after the big move Carmel was flexible and fitted in with our plans again and again; providing people to do the heavy lifting, from one room to another, so that our new flooring could be laid. And then back again too replace the furniture her team came over to some of the unpacking as well. She has also been able to recommend people for other, various jobs..

Carmel works long and hard hours but no matter what, she replies to calls and messages, answers your queries and will be there to assist when you need her most. There are few that can lay claim to this! We would also add that Carmel is well aware of other's problems and local charities benefitend from our disposals which she took care of.

We have no hesitation in recommending her services to young and old.

Lynn and Suzanne, Roseville 2019


It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial for Carmel Bradstreet and Ready, Steady, Relax. I couldn't recommend her services highly enough.

Carmel's warmth and concern and her training as a social worker are apparent in her every interaction - she is not just concerned with organising but also with how every family member is coping with the stressful transitions involved in any elderly person's move to aged care.

On top of her marked empathy is her incredible logistics and management capacity, which underlay what was, for us, an amazingly smooth, efficient and hassle free process to reach a great outcome on my husbands family home, which was sorted and emptied within just a few days.

Everything happened exactly as and when Carmel advised it would - we were kept appraised every step f the way and never felt anything other than Carmel understood our needs and was acting accordingly.

We are extremely satisfied with Carmel's service and will always be grateful for the respite it gave us from an otherwise highly stressful experience.

Thanks for everything, Carmel

Libby, Freshwater 2019


I can't recommend  Ready Steady Relax highly enough. When my brother recently died unexpectedly I was overwhelmed with the size of the job in having to clear out his Aladdin's Cave of an apartment and dispose of or store his multitude of belongings, whilst  attending to the funeral and other tasks.

Carmel was incredibly professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, thorough and helpful. She and her team quickly and professionally achieved an amazing result in a short space of time at a very reasonable cost while keeping me informed at all times and checking in on any decisions that had to me made. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and my family and attending cant thank her enough.

Craig, Canterbury 2018


I was in the process of organising my move when I was introduced to Carmel. I had been caring for my mother for some time in our family home of 47 years. After the house was sold there was so much to organise and it was quite an emotional upheaval for me and the family.

Carmel was able to organise the packing, the distribution of items as well as setting up my new home. The job was completed with great sensitivity and professionalism.

I could not have done it without Ready Steady Relax.

Gayle, Cremorne Point 2018


When my sister entered a nursing home suffering from dementia I was faced with the unenviable task of preparing her home for sale. Where to start? My sister had been a collector of a multitude of items, she had specialized in glass, pottery and paintings. It presented what seemed to be, an impossible task.

Fortunately I found Ready Steady Relax, Carmel Bradstreet and her team of workers and associates.

At our first meeting Carmel cast her expert eye over the house and contents and then went about systematically organizing the work. We decided to clear the house completely and over a period of two weeks, antique/furniture dealers, sorters and packers, charity workers and rubbish removalists worked on the house. As I am not a local to the area Carmel's knowledge of real estate agents was an added bonus. The paperwork associated with costs etc was clear and concise.

I have no hesitation in recommending Carmel Bradstreet and the team at Ready Steady Relax to anyone who needs a little help, or to anyone who like me, wanted the process managed from beginning to end.

John, Annandale 2018


You were an absolute gem and an expert in your field. It was a pleasure working with you.

Cheryl, Abbotsford 2018


Thank you for a very smooth move. You and your team were wonderful, friendly and efficient. Our belongings had been in storage and it was a voyage of discovery when we unpacked. Not one thing was damaged or broken and that is down to you and your team for the careful and respectful way in which our precious belongings were handled. Thanks again. Cheers.

Daveen and Arthur, Seven Hills 2017


My parents' house was totally overwhelmed by hoarding when they both went into nursing homes this year. Being able to call on Ready Steady Relax to manage sorting, cleaning and coordination of contractors was a great investment in my peace of mind and saved me so much time and physical and emotional energy. Carmel was incredibly compassionate and supportive throughout  and I felt entirely comfortable trusting her and her team to get the house ready for sale.

Gina, Waverly 2017


As I keep saying to anyone who is prepared to listen, the clearance and prep of my friend's apartment has been a dream. I am especially grateful to you for the efficiency with which you have done the job - a definitely no fuss model of operation. Thank you so much.

Mairead, Glebe 2017


 Carmel helped us to solve a difficult problem: how to clear a relative’s house before and after his move into aged care; how to do this while we are living interstate and only able to visit Sydney occasionally; and how to help prepare the home for sale. Carmel’s contribution was invaluable. Her management was compassionate (she was alert to the needs of everyone involved); thorough (even to the smallest details of the belongings to be dealt with); always prompt and always explained clearly and concisely. Carmel’s task would have daunted many — it included removing machinery as well as personal belongings — but she conquered every challenge. She employed wonderful staff, and used a wide range of contacts in thoughtfully disposing of what needed to be sold or given away. She was always available, always very respectful of the situation of the relative who needed help. In every aspect of her work she demonstrated trust, wisdom, and total commitment. 

J & E, Hobart 2016


Carmel was wonderful – calm, capable and compassionate with a genuine desire to help. Carmel and her willing team organised everything from clearing out Mum’s house to cleaning, tidying up the garden and getting painters in to quote to prepare Mum’s house for sale. Everything was done efficiently, with a minimum of fuss and nothing was too much trouble. My sister and I were pleased that so many of Mum’s belongings were distributed among Carmel’s charity contacts and not just relegated to the tip. Carmel blended professionalism with friendliness, empathy and respect for Mum’s home and personal possessions. During the whole process, Carmel kept us updated with just the right amount of detail so that we felt confident that everything was under control. At a very stressful time in our lives when we felt overwhelmed both emotionally and physically, Carmel came in and saved the day. I cannot speak highly enough of Carmel and the service provided by Ready Steady Relax. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Janet, Ryde 2016


I was completely unprepared for the level of organisation required when it became time to move my mother into aged care. I had no idea where to start or what I needed to do. I was referred to Carmel and was advised that she would take care of everything. I was so relieved to meet a kind and empathetic person who continually demonstrated that nothing was too much trouble. Her list of contacts was endless and she and her delightful team whipped around the house with enviable speed and professionalism without compromising the sensitivity required when clearing someone’s house after years. It was such a confusing and stressful time in both mum’s and my life and the one thing that helped us both through the transition was the kindness, efficiency and knowledge of the Ready Steady Relax team. I cannot recommend their services highly enough and fully intend to utilise them again when it is my time to move into aged care!!

Joanna, Glebe 2016


Thanks so much for all this. I know that it is your job but it really is a big deal to me because it’s so hard being overseas when Mum needs me and this is going on. It’s so reassuring that you are doing this work with so much integrity. 

Darrell, Washington 2016


Carmel’s approach is a highly professional one and she works capably and competently to attend to every little detail of the job. Her communication throughout the process was faultless and she made sure I was kept fully informed every step of the way. The entire job went so smoothly and, at the end of three days, my mother’s unit was left spotless and empty! I was so impressed with Carmel and her team and I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of “Ready Steady Relax” to facilitate any move or job of this nature.

Thank you, Carmel, for everything you did to make this process as stress-free as possible. It was just lovely to work with you and you made an otherwise overwhelming task manageable and achievable. My very sincere thanks for a truly wonderful job!

Fiona, Blackheath 2016


Carmel and her team did such a good job for me early this year when I had to pack up my elderly mother’s home following her entry into care that I had no hesitation in asking her to handle my own move.

My partner and I each had a house full of furniture and 30+ years of clutter which had to be rationalised and downsized for our move into an apartment. Carmel handled the coordination of this in her professional manner, organising her team of ladies to pack everything for us, the removalists to transport items to our new home and ladies to unpack. This move also involved items to be transported to relatives, charity and goods to be sold as well as the inevitable rubbish disposal! We also had the good fortune to have one of her male team members who managed all the manual labour involved.

Our move went very smoothly and we were settled and functioning in our new home within a short time frame.

I would not hesitate to recommend her excellent service.

Beth, Narrabeen 2015


Carmel from Ready Steady Relax is compassionate, supportive, resourceful, efficient and reliable.

She solves difficulties that arise on a job with good humour and complete effectiveness.

She listens to your needs, hears them and goes to great lengths to satisfy all of them.

Her many years of experience in very various avenues of Social Work, together with a wise network of people and organisations with whom deals, and her personal creativity and boundless energy enable her to come up with suggestions and solutions few other people could.

From my own experience of her help in a variety of situations, I could never have solved myself, I would wholeheartedly recommend Carmel from Ready Steady Relax. I'm truly grateful to her.

Ruth, Freshwater 2015


I must offer you my two penny worth of heartfelt thanks for going that extra mile, in what proved to be an exhaustingly traumatic event for my sister.

Your care, patience and understanding from this distance appeared exemplary, and let there be no doubt my sister benefited accordingly, as she found in you a sympathetic listener and confidante.

Very many thanks

Bruce, NZ 2015


Recently my sister was faced with the reality of needing to go into a senior's residence due to changed health status. She had a huge amount of difficulty accepting this decision. I am resident in Canada. It was not possible to go to Australia at this time to help her. Carmel managed to help her pack up her home distribute all the belongings appropriately in a very compassionate way and with respect. She had the ability to step back when my sister needed more time and to assist when she was ready. The out come was that the move was made successfully and professionally. My sister following a very bumpy transition is now accepting of her new environment and delights in the items that she decided to keep with Carmel's guiding hand. Carmel is an understanding person who also has the practical skills to get this complex job done, along with the patience to cope with individual differences. It was important to me that my sister's wishes for her very modest belongings be satisfied. This happened to a large extent due to Carmel and her team's help.

Janet, Victoria CANADA 2015


My mother needed to move from hospital straight into residential care last year after a series of falls and the loss of my stepfather of 40 years.

I was referred to Carmel and Ready, Steady Relax and have to say that I don’t know how I would have coped without her. She and her team helped “declutter “and style the house for sale and after the house was sold, the real job of “clearing the contents” was made much easier with Carmel’s  practical but sensitive approach and her excellent contacts;   charity, auction, transportation interstate and overseas as well as local. This was all achieved with a mixture of encouragement, empathy and efficiency.

I would not hesitate to recommend Carmel and her team and intend to utilise her expertise in the future for own move.

Beth, Strathfield  2015


Carmel, thank you for your much appreciated efforts on my behalf. Your business will be talked about.

John, Woronora 2015


When the decision was made to place my mother in a Nursing Home, my head started spinning. Thankfully I was referred to Carmel from Ready Steady Relax. After speaking with Carmel, she took a huge load off my shoulders and we agreed on a plan of action to clear my mother's unit. My brother and I met with Carmel and we knew our mother's belongings would be treated with dignity & respect. Carmel has a complete understanding of what needs to be done, but more importantly, how emotionally challenging this process is for the family. When we walked into Mum's empty unit, I felt so grateful we had Carmel to coordinate this enormous task, while we were able to spend more time settling our mother into the Nursing Home.

I would highly recommend Ready Steady Relax to any family who are facing the arduous task of clearing out a loved one's home.

Anne, Castle Hill 2014


 I almost burst into tears when I heard there was someone like Carmel. If the emotional roller coaster of placing my mum into care wasn't enough (for both of us), there was the red tape, the banks, solicitors and Centalink on top of that. The thought of trying to clear out my mum's flat as well, was just too overwhelming and I couldn't imagine how I was going to do it. Then I heard about Carmel - what a dream. Kind, compassionate, efficient and reasonable - I couldn't have asked for more. My heartfelt thanks to you and the team.

Jacky, Engadine 2014


Their company logo says it all.  Ready, Steady, RELAX.  Faced with the overwhelming task of disposing of a parents home, and in a very short space of time, Carmel and her team came in, took over what seemed like an overwhelming process and took the stress away.  Not living in Australia, my sister and I had no idea of where or how to dispose of items, and Carmel just took over the whole process. Her guidance, knowledge and professionalism allowed us to complete everything in the short time we had to do so, and allowed us to spend more time taking care of other important tasks. We could never have done this without her and feel very fortunate to have been given her contact. A million thank you's Carmel and Wendy!

Chris, The Bahamas 2014


Having Carmel come to my Mum's apartment and help my sister and I sort out all the "what to do with this" was just such a relief! Neither my sister nor I lived in Sydney so we didn't have the expertise or the time to be able to clear everything out. Carmel & her team took on the task and basically took away all the stress we were feeling! We can't thank her enough and would happily recommend her service to anyone in similar circumstances!

Judy, Melbourne 2014


Hi Carmel, 
I just wanted to touch base and tell you that I am so pleased I came across you in the advertisement that the ACAT team sent me.
Without your personality, leadership & humour I don't think any of us could have survived this journey intact.
Warm regards.

Cheryl, Central Coast 2014


My aunt needed to move into aged care and this meant going through a much loved book collection and personal papers. It also meant clearing out furniture and all belongings.  The hardest part was deciding where everything would go and being a bit ruthless about letting go of things.  Carmel gave great logistic and emotional support to enable this to happen  (relatively) painlessly. She was very well organised, knew who to contact about selling and giving away items and gave the time needed to let my aunt be involved in decisions. I appreciated her support too in this stressful process. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance to move to aged care or a new home. 

Sally, Blues Point 2014


I went round to the house last night – everything looks great! It’s a huge transformation and it’s amazing how much has been done in a short amount of time. I want to thank you Carmel so much for all you have done, for organising all the practical things and getting in there yourself, tackling the hard work, and also for your ideas, recommendations, helping with so many decisions, co-ordinating everything, constantly checking on things, and especially the support. It was an overwhelming task and you have been an invaluable help to me in so many ways. Many thanks.

Margaret, Hornsby 2014


I live in the UK, and after losing both my parents within 9 months of each other, I had to urgently clear and sort their house for sale. I felt complete trust with Carmel knowing I could leave my parents' property to be sensitively sorted, packed and where necessary items put to charity, even finding solutions for difficult items that needed to be moved, and then dressing house for sale. All done in a completely professional and caring manner. I real life saver at such a difficult time. I cannot recommend Carmel highly enough - sensitive, thorough, professional and caring.

Linda, UK 2013


It was great to work with Carmel and her team. They are such lovely people, so considerate and hard-working. Nothing was too much trouble for them. I shall always remember their kindness. I fully intend to keep in touch with them in the future.

Norman, Bondi 2013


Carmel and her helpers were so much help to me recently when I moved from my large house to a small retirement village.  They worked tirelessly to pack and sort and had the contacts to dispose of the unwanted furniture and goods.  They were punctual and pleasant, and I would unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone who is moving.   

Bev, Pennant Hills 2013


I live overseas and was experiencing a series of major family issues. At the same time as my parents left their home and were settling into their nursing home, my husband’s mother passed away in England.  
I came to Australia to support my parents and help prepare their home for sale.
We also needed to find a new home for mum’s much loved dog. 
Carmel was able to arrange contractors including antique dealers and charities to assist with sorting out 52 years of memories and possessions and prepare the house for sale. 
Carmel also arranged for mum’s dog to fly to Armidale to her new home.
During the process, Carmel communicated with all the family to ensure that everyone was across all the information. This meant that there was no uncertainty about the process.
We achieved so much in a very limited time due to Carmel managing the process with a great deal of professionalism.
Thank you Carmel for your support and kindness. You know we appreciated all you did.

Jennifer USA 2013


I have no hesitation in recommending Carmel and her team. Very shortly after the death of my mother, my father moved from his home of over twenty years and Carmel was invaluable. Apart from the tremendous work she and her team did to ensure the move was done promptly and very smoothly, they were extremely understanding, considerate, and caring. I was so grateful and relieved to be able to rely on Carmel, and I can't thank her enough for the support she gave.

Alison M, Cremorne 2013